“Mr C” Productions


*OPENING GRAPHICS- Your wedding begins with delightful animation and titles.

OPENING PHOTO MONTAGE-  A flash back of photos of precious moments in the lives of the Bride and Groom dissolving into the wedding invitation and set to music.

*COVERAGE OF THE WEDDING- Sensitive single camera coverage of the ceremony records the singular beauty of the setting. The un-obtrusive camera positions records the emotions and feelings of the ceremony.

*THE RECEPTION- Coverage includes all the main highlights combined with the entertainment and table coverage. A choice of video conversations with selected friends and relatives is included.

*THE PERFECT ENDING- Our closing is a soft sensitive reflection of the day.

*Wedding delivered on DVD or Blu-ray (5 copies)

*PRICE- $795.00

The first day of the rest of our lives


Contact information:

Phone: (717)648-6216

Email joeyc3@me.com

Joseph Catalano